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Guatemala Mission Trip


Guatemala Mission Trip

This summer a group from Grace Anglican Church worked with Potter’s House, a ministry that serves the families that scavenge a garbage dump in Guatemala.  Potter’s House does not call the people that scavenge the dump scavengers.  They are called "Treasures" because to God everyone is a Treasure.  

In the beginning, Potter’s House figured that providing for the Treasures’ physical needs was a solution to the problem.  As the years went by and Potter’s House became closer to the community they became aware of the deeper needs of education, health needs, and most importantly spiritual needs.  After many years of service and much study and prayer the Lord lead Potter’s House to identify the 8 forms of poverty, spiritual poverty, intellectual poverty, poverty of affection, physical poverty, poverty of support a network, poverty of civic involvement, and economic poverty.

This summer our group worked with Potter’s house to help meet the needs of the Treasures.  Some of the ways will be by building safe family housing, education of the children through a Bible school, medical clinics, and anyway that we can show them that we love them, care about them, and that that they are loved by God.  

Interested in going on the trip next summer?  Please contact Todd Ross or visit the Potter’s House website.