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Be before you bear & bear out of your "be-ing."

December 16, 2018 Speaker: Mr. Chris Bretton Series: Living With Expectations

Topic: Living With Expectation Passage: Luke 3:7–3:20

A Recap from Sunday’s Sermon

Preaching Text: Luke 3:7-20

I hope the rest of my life won’t be titled, “Sorry, I’m too busy, can we meet next week?” We are all busy during the Christmas season. Busy running our kids to their activities each day, busy pursuing our profession and working way more hours than asked of us. We are busy, for the sake of being busy, because we think busy is actually productive. And you know it’s bad when people start to address you like this, “I know you’re super busy but…” 

What if God wants to transform us, but we’re too busy to let him? What if God wants to transform your family this Advent season, but you’re too busy with the cultural Christmas? 

Be before you bear, and bear out of your be-ing.

Being with God is sort of like car maintenance. We’ve got to change the oil, refill the fluids, etc. Basically, we’ve got to be with God by reading his Word, praying, and other spiritual disciplines on a regular basis. This is the “fruit” John the Baptist seems to be talking about when he says, “bear fruit in keeping with repentance.” Being with God transforms all areas of our life. It’s in this time that God gives us purpose and specific calling for our life. Our text this Sunday spoke of wrath, and this is sort of like the “check engine light” of our faith. Something is wrong, and it needs fixing now. Jesus is our salvation and he’s always the solution to our problems. Being with Jesus causes transformation in the areas that are dying in us.  

Taking it Home:
What would God do in your life if you scheduled a time to be with God each week? What moments would God have for you to bear fruits if you weren’t so busy?


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