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Advent I - Expectations of Hope

December 2, 2018 Speaker: Mike McDonald Series: Living With Expectations

Topic: Living With Expectation Passage: Luke 21:25–21:33

A Recap from Sunday's Sermon

Preaching Text: Luke 21:25-33        
Advent means more than a countdown to Christmas. It is a four-week season that is meant to be marked by expectant waiting for Christ. Our new preaching focus is titled, "Living With Expectation." Ps. 39:7b says, "All our hope and expectation are in you, Lord." Is that statement true of you or are you placing your hope in something else?
Jesus' promise to return gives us a reason for hope despite the long wait.
In the same way that Jesus fulfilled prophecy about his first coming, he is sure to fulfill all the prophecy about his second coming. In Luke 21 he cautions his hearers not to confuse the signs of the age with the signs of the end. There will be perplexity in both nature and nations, but these are merely signs of the age (v.25-26). The signs of the end will be Jesus coming in power and great glory in a cloud (v. 27). He tells his followers to raise up their heads for redemption is drawing near.
There are many reasons for a drooping head. The weight of personal sin discourages us. The various disappointments of life bring us down. The repetitive failures across society make us wonder if history is circular instead of heading somewhere. So, people put their hope in the wrong things.
Jesus warns against dissipation, drunkenness and cares of this life (v.34). Instead, he tells us to pray for strength. The lesson of the fig tree in verse 29 instructs us to be attentive to the kingdom of God being near us. Jesus prayed that we would be in the world but not of it (John 17:16). Renew your hope for his return this Advent.        
Taking It Home: Which cares of the world tempt you to place your hope in them instead of Jesus?

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