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God Knows All Things

October 7, 2018 Speaker: Mike McDonald Series: Occupied with Greatness

Topic: Occupied With Greatness Passage: Psalm 139:1–139:24

A Recap from Sunday’s Sermon

Preaching Text:Psalm 139

In this Psalm, David speaks of the extent of God’s personal knowledge of people.  His knowledge is complete!

God knows all the details of our lives.

To certain types of people, this Psalm is not comforting.  The atheist, who pretends that God doesn’t exist, is reminded of the numerous hints of God’s presence.  The moralist, who is trying to save himself by a squeaky-clean lifestyle, is reminded that God sees inside to the true heart behind the behavior.  The religious talker, who is good at church culture, is reminded that God’s approval must matter more than man’s approval.  If we are honest, there is a bit of each of these in us.

Regardless of how we see God, Psalm 139 reminds us of how God sees us.  It speaks of God’s omniscience and omnipresence as well as his creative work in bringing forth our lives.  With such great awareness of God’s thorough competence to rule, David’s response is to cherish God’s thoughts.  He expresses hatred toward those who hate God, but submits his attitude to God’s scrutiny (v.23).  David starts by acknowledging that God “has searched” (v.1), but then concludes by welcoming God to continue searching and leading him (v.24).

The psalm mentions God’s active use of his knowledge when he hems us in (v. 5) and holds us with his right hand (v.10).  Since all of our days were known before we were made (v.16), it alerts us to the fact that God knew he would have to save us from our sin.  The cross of Jesus was always God’s plan of redemption.  Since he knows our “inward parts” (v.13), the blood of Jesus Christ is able to “cleanse us from all sin” (1 John 1:7). 

Taking It Home:David was open to God searching and cleansing his heart.  Spend some time with the Lord reflecting on any atheist, moralist, or religious talking tendencies in your life.  Ask God to help you trust his omniscience with your life.



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