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Pentecost Sunday

May 20, 2018 Speaker: Mike McDonald Series: Pentecost Sunday

Topic: Pentecost Passage: John 16:4b–16:15

A Recap from Sunday’s Sermon
Pentecost Sunday

Preaching Text: John 16:5-15

Pentecost observes the events that happened 50 days after the resurrection.  In Jesus’ farewell discourse to his disciples, he gave them instructions about the events about to unfold.  In particular, he told them what to expect when the Holy Spirit came.  If we understand the Holy Spirit’s work in the world, we will better recognize it and participate with it.

The Holy Spirit comes to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment.

God has placed the world on trial and the Holy Spirit is his chief prosecutor.  In verses 6-11, Jesus explains this conviction in three ways:

  1. The conviction of sin is that people do not believe in Jesus.  Most people resist Jesus at first because accepting him as savior means also accepting that we need to be saved.  The Holy Spirit opens hearts to Jesus.
  1. The conviction of righteousnessis that the cross was an unjust death for Jesus. He did not deserve it.  We did.  Yet, he “goes to the Father” because the Father is pleased with him, the Righteous One.  The Holy Spirit convicts people that, although Jesus is righteous, he chose to die for us out of love.  Several people felt this conviction during Jesus’ death.  Consider Judas, Pilot’s wife and the centurion at the foot of the cross.
  1. The conviction of judgementis that Satan has been judged. Satan was running things temporarily, but Jesus has defeated him forever.  Jesus is taking back what is rightfully his.  There are still real spiritual conflicts occurring but, “he who is in you [the Holy Spirit] is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

Taking It Home: Where do you see signs of this spiritual struggle around you?  What role could you have?

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