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Youth Sunday

May 13, 2018

Passage: John 20:24–20:29

A Recap from Sunday
Chris Bretton, Director of Student Ministries

Preaching Text: John 20:24-29

As we saw with Mother Theresa, doubt has a sneaky habit of crippling active faith. In short, doubt happens to everyone! What do you currently doubt about the Christian faith? Have you questioned your questions? 

Community is one of the gifts God has given us to combat our doubt. If we actively deny Christian community, we might be passively disbelieving the Gospel. I believe it’s this very idea that crippled Thomas in John 20. After his isolation from the disciples, Thomas returns to them and begins to bargain (it’s really with God, not the disciples). “If I don’t see the nail marks, and put my hand on Jesus’ side...I will never believe!” 

Thankfully the Gospel isn’t hindered by the condition of our hearts. Jesus steps into the messy circumstances of our life and offers grace and evidence to heal our doubts, even if “the door is locked.” As we see with Thomas, Jesus enters the locked room and meets the need of Thomas’ broken, doubtful heart. Doesn’t he do the same for us? 

After Jesus appears again to the disciples, he says this to Thomas, “Stop becoming unbelieving, and get on with believing!” (literal meaning in Greek) In other words, “Thomas! What more evidence do you need? Make up your mind. You can’t live in the middle ground. That’s not the abundant life I promised to you! You’re either growing in belief or you’re growing in disbelief.” 

On Sunday we closed with a story about second chances on life. Jesus promised us life, abundant life now! Why should we wait for circumstances to change for us to get on with believing? Let’s get on with believing and begin to experience what it means to be a disciple. Have a look at our Discipleship Pathway of Grace and ask yourself this question, 

“What quadrant am I living in, and what needs to happen in my life to make it to the Make Disciples quadrant?”