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Pastoral Leader's Blog

Summer Sermon Series- GENESIS: The Gospel According to Abraham



  The Bible is an epic story.  Consider its literary sources and diversity:

• The Bible was written over a span of 2000 years.

• It has 40 different authors.

• It was written from three different continents.

• Its original texts are written in three different languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek).

• Its authors range from kings to shepherds, generals to tax collectors, prophets to fishermen.

• The Bible is made up of many, many different stories.  Yet, from start to finish it remarkably tells one unified story from creation to fall to redemption to ultimate restoration.

  In short, the Bible is a true literary masterpiece.  But what is even more incredible is that it's not just a literary work, it’s actually a true story.  We are apart of this story, and all have a role to play.

  Our summer preaching series will focus on one of the earliest parts of this redemptive story in Genesis, specifically the life of Abraham.  Yes, we will look at Abraham’s faith, faults, triumphs, and temptations.  But in looking at Abraham, he is not merely a man of faith to be emulated but his story ultimately points to the true Man of Faith, Jesus Christ.  We have titled the series, “Genesis: The Gospel According to Abraham” because throughout Abraham’s life we see glimpses and foreshadowing of Christ’s ultimate work in redeeming all people of the earth.  God’s plan to send Christ into the world was not Plan B.  Even from the days of Abraham, God was paving the way for Christ.

  This story of redemption, from beginning to end, doesn’t just stay in the pages of the Scriptures; it invades our lives and becomes our story.  As we look at Abraham’s life over 4000 years ago, we see how relevant this narrative is for us in the 21st century.  We will be challenged on topics such as our 9 to 5 jobs, how to increase our faith, what happens when we blow it, how to deal with our doubts, how to pray on behalf of others, and more.  This summer we invite you to immerse yourself in God’s story of redemption and find the role that He has planned for you.