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Pastoral Leader's Blog

Reaffirmation of Faith

A Public Reaffirmation of Faith For Adults

I recently heard the testimony of a woman describing how, in her late twenties, she and her husband changed from being nominal church attenders to people of active faith in God. They had been baptized as children, raised in the church and confirmed at the standard age.  They even made a habit of church attendance together, but real faith seemed to be absent until a new pastor arrived.   He began preaching biblical sermons and showed them the Lord as he is revealed in the Bible.  Their faith suddenly grew and things changed forever in their lives.  Many decades later this woman of faith is still fondly pointing back to that time in her life. 

There are many labels for this experience, including “an awakening,” “being born again,” “faith alive,” “getting saved,” “baptism in the Holy Spirit,” and so forth.  Regardless of how one describes it, the experience is still very common today.  Whether it is an event of actual salvation or a renewal of an already existing faith, it is an important milestone.  Such experiences ought to be recognized, celebrated and lifted up in prayer. Adequate time should be devoted to reflecting on all that was involved in this experience, leading to new habits and resolutions.  Above all, gratitude to God should be expressed. 

If you have recently had such an awakening of faith, I want to invite you to consider participating in a service of reaffirmation on August 19th.  We will be hosting our bishop, Neil Lebhar, that Sunday.  He will offer both an opportunity for the reaffirmation of faith and also confirmation. 

  • Confirmation is for anyone over the age of 13 who was baptized as a child and is now ready to make an adult profession of faith. Teen candidates for confirmation will be prepared by participating in the Journey retreat in St. Augustine, August 17-19.
  • Reaffirmation is for those who are already confirmed, but have recently had the milestone experience I describe above. If that describes you, please sign up for the adult reaffirmation class scheduled for August 12that 12:30 – 3:30pm.  It will be a lunch event followed by teaching aimed at helping candidates for reaffirmation reflect on their experience and also the nature of God and his gospel.  Adults who have never been confirmed should also attend this class.

The Sunday service is fairly simple in format, and candidates don’t have to do any public speaking.  After the sermon, the candidates for both confirmation and reaffirmation will be invited forward to kneel before the bishop, who will pray for an increase in the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives.  To quote the new Anglican Catechism, “In confirmation, God strengthens the work of the Holy Spirit in me for his daily increase in my Christian life and ministry. (Acts 8:14-17; 19:6).”  To sign up for confirmation or reaffirmation, please email the church.