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Pastoral Leader's Blog

Idolatry: Making Good Things The Ultimate Thing

Idolatry screen


As we transition to a new preaching focus, our Archbishop has asked me to resume using the lectionary to select our Sunday readings.  I'm glad to do so because it is rich in content and will give us much to consider concerning God's grace to us.  We'll take the appointed readings from Luke's gospel as our focus.  Specifically, we'll be considering how and why we must not let God slip from being number one in our lives. This happens so easily and so frequently that the reformer, John Calvin, famously declared our hearts to be "idol factories."  What do you think happens to us when God slips from the central place in our heart?

The teachings of Jesus in these passages contain things that are common to our everyday lives and are good in their own right.  I highly doubt that any of us are tempted to make a literal golden calf and bow down it.  But what about our families, our own good deeds, our possessions or power or even our salvation?

But the Lord is good to us and has new mercies everyday.  He forbids all forms of idolatry, not because he has an ego problem, but because he loves us with a jealous love that it too big to let us seek satisfaction from anything that will hurt us, which is anything short of him. He alone is able to satisfy us and he longs to do so.  Come look again with us at this Good News. I hope to see you this Sunday at church as we re-center our lives on our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.