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Reaffirmation of Faith

A Public Reaffirmation of Faith For Adults I recently heard the testimony of a woman describing how, in her late twenties, she and her husband changed from being nominal church attenders to people of active faith in God.They had been baptized as children, raised in the church and confirmed at the standard age. They even made a habit of church attendance together, but real...

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Idolatry: Making Good Things The Ultimate Thing

As we transition to a new preaching focus, our Archbishop has asked me to resume using the lectionary to select our Sunday readings. I'm glad to do so because it is rich in content and will give us much to consider concerning God's grace to us. We'll take the appointed readings from Luke's gospel as our focus. Specifically, we'll be considering how and why we must not ...

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This Sunday marks the annual Feast of Pentecost. The name literally means "fiftieth," a title that was taken from the Jewish Feast of Weeks that occurs approximately at the same time. This is yet another example of God fulfilling themes from the Old Covenant. The Jewish feast was given the Greek title "Pentecost" because it occurred 50 days after Passover (cf. Deut. 16:9...

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Upcoming Summer Sabbatical

Upcoming Summer SabbaticalFrom Senior Pastor, Mike McDonald Dear Grace Anglican Family, I thank God that he has counted me faithful enough to entrust me with leadership of his people. June 4th will mark the 8th anniversary of my ordination as a priest. Serving God in this way brings me a deep sense of fulfillment and joy. I love ministry and I love our church. I also fee...

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Coming Alive Lenten Preaching Sermon Series

Over the next six weeks, we'll be looking at topics related to things "Coming Alive." In selecting our preaching texts from the lectionary, I noticed topics related to "Coming Alive" as a recurring theme. Lent is perfectly positioned on the calendar to help us think about life coming through death. Winter often feels harsh and cold and barren, but spring is full of glimp...

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Reflections on Sabbath

It may be splitting hairs, but have you ever noticed that the first day of existence for mankind was a day off? For six days God created everything, with people being made on day six. Then, God rested the Bible tells us (see Genesis 1:31 2:3). I once heard someone make that point that while God rested from his work, mankind ought to work from their rest. I like the point ...

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A Year Toward Active Membership

What a great Sunday to have been in church this past week! There was one big service combining elements from our usual 9AM 11AM formats. The service felt packed and there was an electric feel in the room. It was a combination of God's presence and a full house. The communion count was 530 people, which is about 50 more than a usual Sunday. A large attendance alone does no...

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On Hearing God & Our New Name

You may know that our name changed on December 15th from New Grace Church to Grace Anglican Church. I am excited about this for several reasons: It's time to update our website, logo and signage. It could help build on the great momentum we have right now. It's helping us clarify our identity for ourselves and others curious about us. It's a step of obedience to God's ...

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