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Occupied with Greatness Sermon Series


Sermon Series Continues this Sunday!

Our world offers us endless subjects inviting us to explore and ponder, but what will get our attention?  Would we categorize the thoughts that most fill our minds as great or something lower?  This new sermon series is an attempt to occupy our minds with true Greatness:  God himself.  This will be a study in some of the attributes of God.  J.I. Packer wrote, in his introduction to Knowing God, “Ignorance of God – ignorance of both his ways and of the practice of communion with him – lies at the root of much of the church’s weakness today.”  Let’s together grow in strength by reflecting on God.  Let knowledge of him and his ways be our highest pursuit.    

Additional Resources for this Series: 
Looking to go deeper into this topic?  Below are two recommended books for this series.  “The Knowledge of the Holy” is more of an academic read, and “One” is a daily devotional, each focusing on different attributes of God. 

knowledge ofholy       one devotional