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Kairos Prison Ministry


The mission of Kairos Prison Ministry is to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities.  It has been demonstrated that the greatest hope for an inmate to avoid returning to prison is to undergo a religious conversion experience during his incarceration.  A study by the Florida Department of Corrections  shows that there is a 33 % reduction in recidivism for those who had been active in Kairos as opposed to those in the general prison population.  With the cost of inmate incarceration of over $30,000 per year, that is a substantial savings for taxpayers as well as a benefit to society.

Kairos brings together Christians from throughout the area to join in fellowship and change the lives of those impacted by incarceration, as well as building their own faith.  Members of Grace Church have served in the Kairos Inside ministry for over 20 years.  Our volunteer servants touch the hearts and minds of over 200 inmates each year by listening, sharing the Word of God and showing the love of Christ.  Volunteer opportunities for women are also available through the Kairos Outside program, which supports women whose life has been impacted by the incarceration of a loved one. 

Team formation and training meetings for the next Kairos weekend start on March 6th.  Kurt Wittman of Grace Anglican Church is the leader of this team.  Please contact Kurt (904-252-2425) or Mike Ramey (904-708-2105) for more information.