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Jonah Sermon Series


Current Sermon Series
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For the weeks between Easter Sunday and Pentecost, we will be studying the Prophet Jonah.  This little book nestled in among the Minor Prophets gives a fascinating view of the reluctance people can have to embrace God’s vast mission for a broken world.   Unlike the other prophetic books, which focus on their message, the book of Jonah focuses on the prophet himself.  It is full of irony as Jonah’s blindness to his own nationalism is contrasted by the repentance and faith of the sailors and the Ninevites.  Jonah is directly questioned about his anger by our God who so patiently manifests his own slowness to anger.  Coming on the heels of Easter Sunday, Jonah cautions us about receiving the grace of God while remaining unchanged by it.  Simultaneously, it invites us to a whole-hearted embrace of God’s grace.

Additional Resources for this Series: 
Looking to go deeper into this topic?  Below is a recommended reading on the story of Jonah.