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Jesus: The Ultimate Physician Sermon Series

Jesus the Ultimate physician REVISED

We hope you can join us on Sunday Mornings!

Our preaching focus will be on the Gospel of Luke.   This comes on the heels of a summer spent in Acts, the other work of Luke. Being a physician, Luke often highlighted the healing ministry of Jesus. Of course, Jesus is an even greater physician than Luke or anyone else for that matter and healing is broader than we typically realize. This series will explore a variety of ways that the Gospel heals, restores, and makes us whole people. We’ll begin the series looking at Luke 4:1-13 in which Jesus conquers a severe test of the Devil. As the writer of Hebrews later comments, “For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.” How is this healing, you might ask? The reason temptation is even appealing to us is because we love sin. This is a heart issue in which the Ultimate Physician must first change our desires and then teach us how to choose the good path when temptation comes. Join us this Sunday as we draw near to the Lord together.