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Since college, Kristin Hart, has dedicated her life to serving the poor.  She has worked with slaves in India, vulnerable women here in Jacksonville, and the poor in South Africa.  Now, God has called her to serve the poor by moving into a low income neighborhood in Miami to walk alongside her neighbors in loving, gospel-centered relationships with a Christian organization called InnerCHANGE.  

InnerCHANGE is dedicated to serving the marginalized around the world through incarnational ministry.  Their teams live and minister in low income neighborhoods where organic community development emerges through relational ministry.  Kristin will be joining the vision of the Miami team to facilitate community transformation through family restoration.  Healing the brokenness in families will bring restoration to the community. Poverty is more than an economic condition.  It often causes oppressed mentalities and creates emotional and spiritual bondage.  Through discipleship, she hopes to encourage her  neighbors to love more deeply and remain rooted in the truth of the gospel that breaks the bonds of oppression so that together, they can transform Miami to look more like God's Kingdom.  

For more information, visit her blog or go to her ministry page.  To partner financially, please visit here.