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Computer Ministry

The Computer Ministry collects used computers and rebuilds them.  The computers are distributed to individuals, churches, teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, mentors, and other community ministries.  Children, even those in pre-school, are at a disadvantage if they do not have access to a computer and to the internet for online educational programs.  Children in middle schools and high schools many times required to use computers to do their daily work both at school and at home.  Adults and organizations also need computers with adequate software to seek jobs and provide services to the ones they work with.  The Computer Ministry tries to meet these needs by offering, free of charge, computers and software programs.

Some of the local ministries that the Grace Anglican Church Computer Ministry serves includes:
• Mercy Network Services
• Clothes Closet
• Head Start – Pre School
• Clay County School Children
• Middletown Community Outreach
• Take Stock in Children – Mentoring
• World Relief

Help is Needed.  The Computer Ministry is in need of a volunteer to help identify and coordinate the needs of the ministries that the Computer Ministry supports.  Volunteers are also needed to receive, track and evaluate incoming equipment, to refurbish computers with Winodws 10, and deliver equipment.  Monetary donations are needed so that missing parts and licenses can be purchased.  When funding is available a new printer or laptop case may be purchased for the family.  Prayer is also needed for workers in the ministry and for those who receive the equipment.  

We are thankful for all ministries in our community that help children and families.  "Thank you" to all the families and businesses that have helped us provide computers to those individuals and organizations in need.

Contact: Walt Button Phone: 904-505-9220
E-mail address: computers@graceanglican.church